125-200 HP Boilers, 60" Dia. Fireside Kit / Waterside Kit In Stock


BoilerSupplies.com handles all the boiler soft parts with our all-in-one fireside and waterside kits. Each kit comes with gaskets that are specific to your boiler.


Fireside kits include tadpole head gasket, burner drawer gasket, burner housing to head gasket, tadpole burner to housing inner door, tadpole tape for front baffle, rope for rear baffle, and fasteners and rivets to install everything. These kits are truly all-in-one replacements! Some kits may vary depending on size or boiler horsepower, but see the descriptions below to see what is included in the fireside kit for your boiler. Be sure your boiler is ready for inspections! These kits are designed for all name brand boilers.


Waterside kits include rubber EPDM gaskets (standard) as well as McDonnell Miller 150-14 water column head gaskets. Waterside kits are also available with spiral wound gaskets instead of the standard EPDM rubber gaskets. See the descriptions for each waterside kit below, as well as part numbers for easy ordering. Call toll-free 1-800-780-3776.



Price: $310.00
Item#: 880-216
Item Name: Fireside Kit 880-216
Weight, lbs.: 28.00

125-200 HP/60" Diameter Fireside Kit #880-216


Quantity / Ref # / Description


3) 32-105 Tadpole Head Gasket

1) 32-605 1/32" Burner Drawer Gasket

1) 32-603 1/8" Burner Housing to Head Gasket

1) 32-109 Tadpole Burner to Housing Inner Door

1) 32-106 Tadpole Dry Oven Door

1) 853-394 62" Tadpole Tape Front Baffle

1) 853-924 60" 1-1/2" Rope Rear Baffle

50) 841-507 Fasteners

75) 841-551 Rivets

Lead Time: In Stock. Available for immediate shipment.
Price: $72.12
Item#: 880-212
Item Name: Waterside Kit 880-212
Weight, lbs.: 2.00
125-800 HP/ 60" Diameter Waterside Kit 880-212


Quantity / Ref # / Description


1) 853-936 11" x 15" x 1-1/4" x 1/4" E-Pro E Manhole Gasket

6) 853-935 3-1/4" x 4-1/2" x 1/2" E-Pro OB Handhole Gasket

2) 853-286 150-14 McDonnell Miller Water Column Head Gasket

Lead Time: In Stock. Available for immediate shipment.
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