Topog-E ID Bolt Gaskets Handhole/Manhole In Stock

Item Name: Topog-E ID Bolt Gaskets

Material: Special, Proprietary rubber composition, 80-85 Durometer


Steam boilers: up to 180 psi (12 bar) and 380º F. (193º C) Water, condensate, etc. vessels: 200+ psi (14 bar) and less than 300ºF. (150ºC)


**Sold in 6-Packs**

Shipping Time: Same Day In Stock
Specifications (Sold in 6-Packs)
Part # Description Price Qty  
IDBG-625PK Topog-E 5/8" ID Bolt Gasket $19.95 Add to Cart
IDBG-750PK Topog-E 3/4" ID Bolt Gasket $19.95 Add to Cart
IDBG-100PK Topog-E 1" ID Bolt Gasket $19.95 Add to Cart
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