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The Steam Trap Pro Guide is the must need for all maintenance shops.This 105 page, 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" paperback has color pictures including details on steam trap selection, discusses which traps waste steam right out of the box and which traps have zero steam loss. 

Additional insights are presented on how to evaluate a steam trap surveyor as well as what data to expect in their reports.

If you deal with steam traps on a daily basis this book is for you. This operation Manual is full of information on the operation, testing and installation of steam traps. This book covers Inverted Bucket Traps, Float & Thermostatic Traps, Thermodynamic Traps, Thermostatic Traps, and Venturi Orifice Traps. This book also includes Common areas of improvement with DA Tanks, Boiler Header, Control Valve Station, Pipe and Tank Insulation, Drip Pockets, Inverted Bucket Traps, Float & Thermostatic Traps, Unit Heaters, Steam Leaks and Open By-pass Valves.


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