Asme Code & Non-Code Horizonal & Vertical Tank and Stand

Additional Information
Rema Horizontal & Vertical Return Systems are your answer when space is an issue. Rema Vertical Return Systems take up just 18" of floor space! Systems are quality constructed with an 1 1/4" steel frame attached to an 11 gauge steel tank furnished with a Burks Pump, float assembly and gauge glass with fixtures. Rema’s Vertical design generates greater pump head pressure, while reducing vapor lock. Each of your Rema Return System horizontal tanks features triple welded tank seams attached to a 1 1/4-inch steel frame. The system also has float assembly and gauge glass with fixtures, and it comes furnished with a Burks Pump. We offer custom fabrication that is specific to your needs and comes in the industry standard 14 or 11 gauge sizes, available in 3/16-inch and stainless steel options. We offer tanks with a range of an 8- to 53-gallon capacity and a boiler horsepower capacity of 40 HP in both 11 and 14 gauge sizes