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Custom Engineered Stainless Steel Condensate & Boiler Feed Systems

Advantage Series Condensate and Boiler Feed systems are designed to require less floor space, reduce maintenance, outlast mild steel, and weigh less than cast iron. Our Advantage Series systems can be custom engineered to fit in tight places. Additionally, all stainless steel wash down duty for use in dairy environments are available.
When compared to Sarco, Bell & Gossett, Skidmore, Shipco, Hoffmann Nash, and others it’s easy to see the Stainless Advantage.
The D.L. Thurrott, Inc Advantage Series boiler feed and condensate return packages are designed, assembled and tested at our facility before you receive them.
Many pumps from the utility building boom of the 1950s–70s had larger capacities and more horsepower than previously supplied in order to meet increased plant size. As pump energy levels increased, so did the failure rate. Additional progress has been made through pump manufacturers’ efforts to address first stage impeller design, materials, and rotor dynamics. As a result, good reliability of high-energy feed pumps is attainable.
When upgrades are properly performed, an upgraded pump may well be “better than new”. Returning condensate preserves the treated water and any heat that remains in the fluid. Multi-stage pumps allow for smaller packages with sufficient head pressure to return it to the boiler room. Also located in the boiler room are gear and screw pumps used to feed #4 & #6 fuel oil to the burner.
Grundfos Pumps
304 stainless steel pump impellers and casings
Cast iron or stainless steel pump discharge heads
Strainers and inducers on pump inlets
Temperatures to 210 F
304 stainless steel receivers
Service one pump while other operates
No suction piping or valves
2" - 4" inlet, 2" - 3" vent, 1" drain
Clean out access to tank through pump opening
Easy to install in tight areas - small foot print
Easy to maintain

Condensate Return Systems
Simplex or Duplex
Flows to 90 GPM, Pressures to 85 psi
25, 50, 100 gallon receivers
Mechanical alternator - Duplex
Mechanical float - Simplex

Boiler Feed Systems
Duplex Only
Flows to 42 GPM, Pressures to 200 psi
25, 50, 100, 200, 300 gallon receivers
Electric alternator

Available Options:
Sight glass set with brass or stainless valves
Bi-metal 250F thermometer
Control panels - mounted and wired
Custom tank sizes - to fit standard door sizes
All 304SS pump (change iron discharge head to 304SS)
All 304SS float mechanism (change brass/iron bushing to304SS)