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Try Cocks, Gauges, Water
Column Accessories

Gage Cocks, Hand Wheel Try Cocks, Flange Connectors from Clark Reliance, Ernst, and ConbracoGauge Cocks, Flange connectors

Wide variety of gage cocks and try cocks. If you do not see the model number listed here, call us and we can locate it for you.

Kenco Gauges
Liquid Level Gauges

Kenco Liquid Level GaugesKenco Series Armored Tubular Liquid Level Gauges

Available in all Carbon Steel, all Stainless Steel, or Carbon Steel with Stainless Steel wetted parts.

As low as 1/10th the cost of armored flat glass gauges.

Kenco KTV Vaives
For Liquid Level Gauges

The KENCO Tubular Valve (KTV), when used with a KENCO Safeguard Level Gauge or KENCO EPG Level Gauge, provides maximum operator safety and environmental protection from a potential gauge glass failure. The KTV is designed for service in low to medium pressure applications up to 500 psig.

PPI-150EC Economy Series
Liquid Level Gauges

150 EC Liquid Level Water GaugeEconomy Style Liquid Level Gauge

The PPI-150EC Economy brand liquid level gauge is rated at 250 PSI and 150F with a 1/2" NPT.
20-200 & 20-250 Series
Liquid Level Gauges
Conbraco 20-250 liquid level gaugeHeavy Pattern
Bronze Water Gauges

All standard 20 Series features but with a heavier valve body pattern for higher service ratings.

Available with 3/8, 1/2, and 3/4 male NPT fittings
Ball checks standard on 20-250 models
Polished finish on 25-200 valves
Rated: 200 psig @ 400°F, 400 psig @ 100°F
20-300 & 20-350 Series
Liquid Level Gauges
Conbraco 20-350 Liquid Level GaugeSquare Pattern
Bronze Water Gauges

Available with 1/2" (ASTM B-16 brass bar stock) or 3/4" (B-584 cast bronze) NPT male pipe connections. Four guard rods and EPDM gauge glass gaskets standard. Other packings available.

Standard 1/4" needle drain valve in lower arm Pet cock or Apollo ball valve drain on request Ball checks standard on 20-350
Rated: 200 psig @ 400°F, 400 psig @ 100°F
20-400 Series
Liquid Level Gauges
Conbraco 20-400 Liquid Level GaugeSide Mounted Handwheel
Water Gauges

Side-mounted handwheels allow water gauge operation in hard to reach places; with all the 20 Series design features.

Ideal forconcealed jacketed type boilers
Brackets and guard rods standard: 20-407, 20-408
EPDM standard gauge glass gaskets Compact requires minimum space Rated: 125 psig @ 350°F, 300 psig @ 100°F
24-600 & 24-650 Series
Liquid Level Gauges
Conbraco 24-650 Liquid Level GaugeChain Lever
Water Gauges

Lever on standard 12-foot chain allows operator to open and close valves that would be beyond reach. Valve stems operate on quarter-turns.

Rated: 250 psig @ 400°F, 500 psig @ 100°F
Use on large boilers with inconvenient columns
Automatic and non-automatic models Furnished with 12 feet of chain
20-800 Series
Liquid Level Gauges
Conbraco 20-800 Liquid Level GaugeBronze Expansion
Tank Gauges

Use for all types of liquid level verification; available with 3/8" or 1/2" NPT male pipe connections. Aluminum or plastic composition hand wheels; EPDM gauge glass gaskets standard.

Ball checks standard for 20-800 models. Equipped with two brass guard rods

Rated: 125 psig @ 350° F, 300 psig @ 100°F
20-700 Series
Liquid Level Gauges
Bronze ExpansionConbraco Expansion Tank Liquid Level Gauge
Tank Gauges

Available with 3/8" or 1/2½", male NPT connections; EPDM gauge glass gaskets and ¼1/4" needle drain valve in lower arm are both standard.

Rated: 125 @ 350°F, 300 psig @ 100°F
23-600 Series
Liquid Level Gauges
Conbraco 23-600 Liquid Level GaugeStainless Steel 
Expansion Tank Gauges

Holds all 316 stainless steel-compatible liquids. In lower arm shut-off valve and stainless steel drain valve.

250 psig @ 406°F: maximum working pressure
Two stainless steel guard rods
High pressure glass standard
24-300 Series
Liquid Level Gauges
Conbraco 24-300 Liquid Level GaugeBronze Liquid
Level Gauges

Automatic and non-automatic direct reading gauges in shank pipe sizes 1/2" and 1/4".

Heavy pattern bronze valve body
Guard rod bracket to accommodate four guard rods Drain valve - 5/16 diameter full-blow ball valve with safety handle PTFE reinforced gauge glass gasket and stem packing are standard High pressure gauge glass gaskets are standard Automatic- conforms to ASME power boiler code requirements for automatic water gauges - ball checks in upper and lower arms Rated: 500 psig @ 100°F, 250 psig @ 400°F
23-400 & 23-450 Series
Liquid Level Gauges
Conbraco 23-450 Liquid Level GaugeStainless Steel Liquid
Level Gauges

Ideal for handling alcohol solvents, acetic acid and ketones. Automatic models conform to ASME requirements; aluminum and composition handwheels.

PTFE reinforced gauge glass, stem packings
Chemical resistant PTFE seat
5/16" dia. Full flow all SS drain valve with safety handle
Guard rod bracket to accommodate four SS guard rods
Rated: 500 psig @ 450°F
High pressure gauge glass standard
Gauge Glass Protector
Conbraco Liquid Level Gauge Glass ProtectorReduces risk of injury and damage from broken exploding glass; maximum length: 50".

No. I-2733* 5/8" Glass Protector
No. I-2734* 3/4" Glass Protector
Made to fit most water gauges
Not available on 23-400, 23-650, 24-300; 24-600 model

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