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    Bell & Gossett Iron Body Circulators
Bell & Gossett Pump Series 100 Iron Body Circulator (P/N 106189)
For Decades the Bell & Gossett Series 100 Circulator Pump has been the industry standard that all other Circulator Pumps have been judged by. For domestic circulation of hot water and heating the series 100 Bell & Gossett Pump remains the leader. The Series 100 design makes it easily repaired or replaced. From it's three piece oil lubricated design to its shaft and seal assembly you can see why the Bell & Gossett series 100 is the head of the class in design. Special mounting provides years of quiet operation.
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Bell & Gossett Series 100 Bronze

Bell & Gossett Series 100 BI (Bronze and Iron) (P/N 106190)
The Bell & Gossett 100 BI Series with Bronze Impeller. When service water is needed, always use a bronze pump.


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B & G Series LR 20 WR

Bell & Gossett Pump Series LR 20 WR
The maintenance free pump circulator for residential heating systems. The series LR features liquid lubricated bearings, non-overloading permanent split capacitor motor with impedance protection and quiet operation. The Bell & Gossett series LR circulator may be used for water circulating applications in solar and hydronic systems. You can always depend on the Bell & Gossett name for all your pump needs.

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B & G Series NRF

Bell & Gossett Pump Series NRF
B & G series NRF system lubricated iron body circulators with high torque for dependable all season start-ups. With the unique Duraglide bearing system by Bell & Gossett you will have years of dependable and trouble free start-ups. The Operating efficiency is greatly improved with the closed impeller design. A rated best in the business 3 year warranty gives you that peace of mind that you can only get from B & G. Self cleaning particle shield protects the shaft and bearings form debris. A true winner from Bell & Gossett Pumps.
Pumps in this series include: NRF-9F/LW, NRF-33, NRF-22, NRF-45, NRF-36

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Bell and Gossett Series PL Pump

Bell & Gossett Pump Series PL
Bell & Gossett Series PL is a powerful dry motor design that delivers exceptional performance. The series PL is 25% more efficient than are competition. Thermal cracking is non-existent with the high-strength alloy steel "Stiff-Shaft" design. The Bell and Gossett series PL is permanently oil lubricated making it completely maintenance free. With its advanced close-coupled design increases the life of the pump and its efficiency rating. Dependable seasonal start-ups and the ability to handle difficult water conditions makes the series PL top of the list. Optimum efficiency is achieved by the double sided stainless steel neck ring.
Pumps in this series include:  PL-30, PL-36, PL-45, PL-50, PL-55, PL-75

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B & G 2 NFI

Bell & Gossett 2 NFI Pump
The Bell & Gossett 2 NFI is a closed loop inline circulator pump used in domestic and light commercial water circulating systems. The NFI is a quiet operating pump due to the flexible spring-design coupler. The bearing surfaces are consistently lubricated by the sleeve bearings and the water slippage is minimal due to a close centrifugal impeller.


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Bell & Gossett 2 BI Bronze

Bell & Gossett 2 BI
The Bell & Gossett 2 BI is a bronze and iron in-line three piece booster pump designed for hydronic systems. This pump is designed to withstand a wide range of water temperatures, pressures, additives and dissolved solids common in hydronic systems.


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Bell & Gossett 2-1/2

Bell & Gossett 2-1/2 & 2-1/2 BI, LD3, HD3, PD
The Bell & Gossett 2-1/2 is designed for applications that require higher flow and head pressures. The 2-1/2 is designed to pump liquids compatible with their iron or iron / bronze body construction. This pump may be used for hydronic heating and cooling systems, domestic water, industrial applications and general service operations.

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Bell & Gossett HV NFI

Bell & Gossett HV NFI, HV BI PR, PR BI
The Bell & Gossett HV NFI is a pump used primarily for pumping water to kitchens and bathrooms etc. in homes and buildings. The HV NFI is an in-line three-piece booster pump designed for hydronic systems.


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