Boiler & Tank Handhole Manhole Gaskets EPDM Rubber & High Temp Graphite

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The Best Reputation. For over forty years, Topog-E® Series 180 gaskets have earned a reputation for ease of use, durability, unbeatable performance and overall quality. This reputation is substantiated by ongoing research and development programs, so that The Topog-E gasket Company can proudly continue to manufacture the most renowned and respected gaskets in the World.

Service: Steam pressure vessels up to 180 psi (12 bar) and
380° F (193° C)

E-Pro Handhole and Manhole boiler gaskets stop leaks and end corrosion around boiler handholes and boiler manholes in steam and hot water boiler, air tanks, and water heaters. The cost of some boiler gaskets can be quite high when you consider down-time, leakage and corrosion caused be the installation of inferior gaskets. E-Pro gaskets offer the level of service you expect from high pressure, high temperature handhole and manhole gaskets.