Skidmore Condensate Return Retro Fit Pumps

Additional Information

Skidmore Condensate Return and Boiler Feed pumps are designed to provide maximum efficiency, reliability, and easy maintenance in a compact, space-saving configuration. They are packaged units, completely assembled, wired, and factory tested before shipment to ensure the product is ready for service when it is received. Condensate Return units are used in low-pressure heating systems to collect and return condensate to the boiler feed unit. This pump is controlled by the water level in the receiver. When the receiver water level reaches a set point, the high-level float switch starts the return pump(s), pumping the water from the receiver to the boiler feed system. Unlike our 10MX boiler feed units, which are controlled by a boiler-mounted control and equipped with a makeup valve mechanism, 10MX condensate pumps often do not directly supply boiler makeup water.