Sterling Series 60 Steam Traps In Stock


The Sterling Series 60 steam trap comes in 10 different sizes from 1/2" to 1-1/2". The Series 60 Model 119 comes with a max pressure of 200 psi and models 121 - 124 comes with a max pressure of 250 psi. On start up, the bucket, by its own weight, rests on the trap bottom. The main valve is open, allowing the discharge of air and non-condensables. As condensate fills the body, it creates a seal on the open end of the bucket, which then becomes buoyant and rises, closing the main valve discharge. Condensate, however, continues to enter the trap and force the air through the vent hole, causing it to lose its buoyancy and sink, opening the main valve to discharge. Condensate is discharge until steam reaches the trap and fills the bucket, which regains its buoyancy and the operating cycle is repeated.


The Sterlco® Series 60 Inverted Bucket Steam Traps are commonly used wherever complete and rapid removal of condensate is essential. The Sterling Series 60 Specific uses include installation on steam systems serving autoclaves, steam mains, de-super heaters, stills, water heaters, sterilizers, cylinder or drum dryers and many other steam systems. Models for air systems are available also. Advanced steam trap designs can include optional items such as the integral strainer and air eliminator. Duo-Step Leverage: By using a relatively short trap lever with two fulcrum points, more power is developed to open the trap valve. This allows greater trap capacity without increasing trap size.

Lead Time: Most sizes IN STOCK. Available for quick-ship.
Sterling Series 60 Inverted Bucket Trap
Model Size Max. Pressure  
119 1/2” 200 psi Add to RFQ
119 3/4” 200 psi Add to RFQ
121 1/2” 250 psi Add to RFQ
121 3/4” 250 psi Add to RFQ
122 3/4” 250 psi Add to RFQ
122 1” 250 psi Add to RFQ
123 1” 250 psi Add to RFQ
123 1-1/4” 250 psi Add to RFQ
124 1-1/4" 250 psi Add to RFQ
124 1-1/2" 250 psi Add to RFQ
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