Plumbing Ball Valves From Legend

Additional Information
Legend Ball Valves are a quarter turn shut-off valve that controls the flow of fluids by a rotary ball. The spherical rotary ball consists of a straight bore through it. The pipe is in the open position when the bore is aligned in the same direction as the flow, allowing the fluid to pass through it. When the bore is rotated 90 degree from the flow path, the valve is closed, and the flow is blocked. Ball valves are used in residential and commercial application for its reliable sealing properties and long service life. Legend is committed to technical excellence in all aspects of our business. We maintain a technical laboratory where we conduct live product testing, metallurgical and material element analysis, new product development and failure analysis. Our technical staff of mechanical engineers, master plumbers and support technicians are here to ensure that you have the best possible product quality and support. Guaranteed quality, guaranteed performance, legendary customer service, expert engineering, and on demand technical assistance is Legend’s commitment to creating customer astonishment.