Conbraco Liquid Level Gauges

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Conbraco Apollo Level Gages are a device that allows the liquid level in a vessel to be visually inspected. Water gauges are required by the ASME Boiler and Pressure Code on steam boilers, and are also useful in many other applications, such as monitoring the amount of oil in an oil tank.
Care must be given to ensure the proper selection of a water
gauge. Special attention must be given to temperature/
pressure requirements and to the service media (i.e. water,
steam, oils, chemical agents, etc.). Some items to keep in mind:
• PRESSURE RATINGS may be influenced by limitations
of the valve body, gauge glass, and gauge glass gasket. As
temperatures increase, pressure ratings decrease. The
larger the glass diameter and the longer the glass length, the
lower the pressure rating. Refer to the GAUGE GLASS
PRESSURE AND TEMPERATURE TABLE for detailed information.
• TEMPERATURE RATINGS may also be influenced by
limitations of the valve body, gauge glass, & gauge
glass gasket.
PROTECTORS to help protect glass from accidental
breakage. Some applications require glass protectors.
• Use REDLINE gauge glass where pressures permit to
allow for easy reading of the gauge. Use large diameter
(3/4”) glass for increased visibility.
• Use AUTOMATIC BALL CHECKS to help minimize the
risk of property damage or personal injury in
the event of gauge glass breakage. Vertically rising
automatic ball checks conforming to ASME requirements
are available.
• Boilers operating above 400 psig require two water gauges.
• All water gauges on all steam boilers must be 1/2” NPT
or larger.