Nibco F-869-B Stop Check Valves In Stock


The NIBCO® F-869-B Angle Boiler Valve :

Cast iron automatic steam stop-check angle valve is designed for steam systems with boilers installed in tandem. The steam stop-check design prevents boiler flooding by automatically closing when steam and condensate begins to back up. These valves are also used to isolate boilers in a steam system. The valve is Class 250 flanged iron body and bronze mounted trim (IBBM).

2-1/2" thru 8" sizes available in PTFE seat only (F-869-Y).

The NIBCO® steam stop-check angle valve has flanged end connections for ease of installation. This valve features renewable seat and disc. The bolted bonnet makes the valve convenient to maintain. Please refer to NIBCO technical data sheets, catalogs, engineering and installation information for proper sizing and application of this valve. Choose NIBCO® pressure rated valves for the most specified, versatile and economical valve option in commercial, mechanical and industrial applications. NIBCO® valves are backed by the NIBCO 5-year 125% limited warranty. 

Item Name: Nibco Stop Check Valve
Lead Time: Typical 3-5 Day Lead Time at Factory Stock. 3-4 weeks if NOT in stock.
Size Description UPC NIBCO #  
2-1/2" F869Y 21/2 FLG ANGLE CAST IRON 039923701947 NHDT00E Add to RFQ
2-1/2" F869Y 2 1/2 ANGLE W/ TAP 039923269102 NHDT0RE Add to RFQ
3" F869Y 3 FLG ANGLE CAST IRON 039923701954 NHDT00F Add to RFQ
4" F869B 4 FLG ANGLE CAST IRON 039923702029 NHDT00H Add to RFQ
4" F869B 4 ANGLE W/ TAP 039923269126 NHDT0RH Add to RFQ
6" F869B 6 FLG ANGLE CAST IRON 039923702036 NHDT00K Add to RFQ
6" F869B 6 ANGLE W/ TAP 039923269133 NHDT0RK Add to RFQ
8" F869B 8 FLG ANGLE CAST IRON 039923702043 NHDT00L Add to RFQ
8" F869B 8 ANGLE W/ TAP 039923269140 NHDT0RL Add to RFQ
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