Ball Valves, Gate Valves & Stop Check Valve Insulation Blankets In Stock


Power Plus insulation is the solution to problem insulation areas on all types of steam process equipment. The removable, reusable features of thermal blankets drastically lower operation costs, shorten down time, save valuable energy, improve the work environment and reduce labor costs associated with installation, removal, and reinstallation.



Specifications include:
  • Removable & Truly Reusable (All Insulation is Removable)
  • Custom Fit & CAD Designed to Match Fitting Geometry (Highest Probability of Re-Use)
  • Excellent Thermal Insulation Performance
    (Backed by ASTM Testing)
  • Easy Off & Easy On Integral Fasteners
  • Self Contained Insulation System
  • Each Blanket Includes a Metal ID Tag
  • Each blanket includes a Low Point Drain Grommet
  • Double Sewn Construct to Last 15 Years and Beyond.
  • Blanket Designs for each Site Condition:

Size: Flange Rating 125#, 150# 250#, 300# Fastener Options: - Velcro Flaps - - Lacing Pins - - "D" Ring Strap (with Velcro tab) - CALL FOR QUOTE

Item Name: Plug Valve - One Piece

Body Only Also Applies To: Ball Valves Wafer Valves Butterfly Valves

Lead Time: Call for up-to-date lead time
Item Name: Stop Check Valve - Three Piece

Body & Bonnet Also Applies To: Non-return Valves Control Valves PRV's

Lead Time: Call for up-to-date lead time
Item Name: Strainer - Two Piece

Body & Bonnet Gate Valve - Two Piece Also Applies To: Globe Valves Check Valves Angle Valves

Lead Time: Call for up-to-date lead time