Armstrong DOUBLE WALL Shell &Tube Heat Exchanger In Stock

Armstrong Double wall heat exchangers are used mostly for potable water & cooling system applications, or where cross contamination cannot occur.The Armstrong Shell & Tube heat exchangers provide dependable, efficient heat transfer in many applications ranging from HVAC to Industrial installations. Armstrong Shell & Tube heat exchangers are suitable for higher-pressure applications in oil refineries and other large chemical processes.

Double-wall, tube-in-tube construction channels potential leakage due to corrosion or abrasive action to the outside of the unit. Thus leaks can be detected before contamination of other fluids in the heat exchanger can occur and cause problems.



Standard Copper (tubes), carbon steel (shell, tube sheet, baffles) Optional Brass (tubes, tube sheets, baffles), bronze (heads), stainless steel (tubes, tube sheets, heads, shells, baffles), 90/10 Cu-Ni (tubes)