Federal Aftermarket Replacement Seals In Stock

Federal mechanical seal is a device that helps join systems or mechanisms together by preventing leakage (e.g. in a plumbing system), containing pressure, or excluding contamination. The effectiveness of a seal is dependent on adhesion in the case of sealants and compression in the case of gaskets.


Almost everywhere where pumps with rotating shafts are used, a shaft seal is involved. The shaft seal forms a barrier between what is inside the pump and the atmosphere.


Seal performance greatly influences pump performance. When functioning correctly, the seal remains unnoticed. As soon as it starts to leak, however, significant problems can arise, either with the pump or the surrounding environment. The importance of the shaft seal must never be underestimated during pump design, operation, or maintenance.

Part # Federal Seal Part No. Shaft Size (inches)  
198 5/8" Add to RFQ
293 PRESS FIT STATOR 5/8" Add to RFQ
245 1" Add to RFQ
248 1" Add to RFQ
380 1" Add to RFQ
246 1-1/4" Add to RFQ
249 1-1/4" Add to RFQ
381 1-1/4" Add to RFQ
547 1-3/8" Add to RFQ
247 1-1/2" Add to RFQ
682 1-1/2" Add to RFQ
382 1-1/2" Add to RFQ
446 1-3/4" Add to RFQ
205 1-3/4" Add to RFQ