Armstrong Replacement Seals In Stock

Our Armstrong After Market Replacement pump seals and pump gaskets, o-rings, and oil seals. If you do not see your pump seal listed just give us a call and we can find it for you. 
The pump seals unique design features such as the intererence head, the hex drive system and the crimped head create sealing systems that allow easier
installation and system upset survivability. The pump seals superior face materials such as graphite loaded silicon carbide, reaction bonded silicon carbide,
controlled porosity silicon carbide, 99.5% pure ceramic and high grade resin impregnated carbon combined with our advanced design elements create a world-class
 mechanical seal. If you have any questions about any of our pump seals that we carry just give us a call and we will be glad to answer any of your questions.

Part # Armstrong Seal Part # Shaft Size (inches)  
401A 816706-001 1/2" Add to RFQ
750 16707-1 3/4" Add to RFQ
752* Niresist Seat 3/4" Add to RFQ
402 825458-001 1-1/4" Add to RFQ
439 Niresist Seat 1-1/4" Add to RFQ
976 825458-001 1-1/4" Add to RFQ
977 1-1/4" Add to RFQ
978 1-1/4" Add to RFQ
979 1-1/4" Add to RFQ
514 Ceramic Seat 1-5/8" Add to RFQ
461 Niresist Seat 1-5/8" Add to RFQ