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Mcdonnell Miller Low water cut-offs, water feeders and switches

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McDonnell Miller Low Water Cut-offs and Water Feeders

Low Water Cut Off

Water Feeders

McDonnell Miller Low Water cut-offs

Series 61, 63, 64, 764, 67, 69, 150, 157,
764, 767, 42, 93, 94, 193, 194

McDonnell Miller Low water cut offs, whether snap switch or mercury switch models, provide a reliable method of controlling a boiler feed pump. Mounted at the boiler water line, it starts and stops the pump as the boiler water dictates. Consequently, it holds the boiler water level at the limits recommended by the boiler manufacturer to maintain maximum steaming efficiency.


McDonnell Miller Water Feeders

Series 101-A, 47, 51, 53, 247, 21, 25-A, 551, 847,
851, 221, 47-2, 51-2, 51-S-2, 53-2, 247-2

McDonnell Miller Water Feeders open if the boiler's water line drops to the feeder / cut-off combination's feeder operating point (which is very near the bottom of the guage glass), the feeder will open mechanically and add water to the boiler. How much water will enter the boilers depends on several things, but there will always be enough to keep boiler operating at a safe minimum water level. Once it has added the right amount of water, the feeder closes.


McDonnell Miller Switches and Liquid Flow Controls


Liquid Flow

McDonnell Miller Switches

No. 2, 5, 7-B, 11

McDonnell Miller is the brains of the Water Feeders and Low Water Cut Off. The switch tells the boiler when to turn on or off depending on the level of water in the boiler. 


McDonnell Miller Liquid Flow

Series FS4-3, FS4-3T, FS5, FS8-W,
FS1, FS1-W, FS6, FS6-W

The flow of liquids in pipelines plays an important role in industry and commerce. Under most circumstances it is essential to know whether or not there is a flow in a pipeline, and to act upon that knowledge. That is the reason for, and the function of, McDonnell Miller Flow Switches.


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